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A wheelchair lift is an ideal solution to help overcome steps or stairs leading into or to access a second floor within a home or business. Wheelchair lifts are a great alternative to a long wheelchair ramp, which can take up a lot of space, or a stair lift, which is incapable of lifting someone in a wheelchair or scooter, let alone their caregiver [standing along one's side] at the same time. Like an elevator, a wheelchair lift has a platform that lifts up to 750 pounds from 14 inches to a maximum height of 14 feet. This type of lift can save you time, money, and space. 

We are a dealer and licensed and insured contractor of a variety of makes, models and types and can find a wheelchair lift that will work for most any accessibility challenge. 

We provide a FREE EVALUATION, in-person, over the phone or virtually, to gauge one's needs and then recommend the best model of wheelchair lift. This is the most important decision that can be made to help a handicap or disabled person move around, or for an older adult simply planning ahead so that they can age in place, in their home. We'll help make the lift selection process easy the first time.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are 5 important questions to ask when researching wheelchair lifts for homes or businesses:

  • 1. Where is the best location for the lift to be installed?
  • 2. How many people and how much weight will be lifted?
  • 3.What safety features are required and how do they protect the lift rider(s)?
  • 4.What modifications will be needed to install the lift?
  • 5. Is an installation permit required?

During our free evaluation, we will help answer these questions after fully inspecting the steps or stairs, and once we understand your needs and the layout of your home or business. With these insights in mind, we can then recommend the right lift model at an affordable price.

Why Choose a Wheelchair Lift?
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What is the difference between a Vertical Platform Lift and an Inclined Platform Lift?