How do I start?

A Wheelchair Lift is the best alternative to a long ramp into a home or business. Like an elevator, a wheelchair lift has a platform that lifts up to 750 pounds from 14 inches to a maximum height of 14 feet. If you have 2 or more steps to enter your home or business, or if you need to travel to the second floor, a Wheelchair Lift can save you time and money. 

The key difference between a wheelchair lift and a stair lift is that it can carry you and your wheelchair/scooter and in some cases a second person standing. See below for the different models of Platform Lifts that lift a wheelchair for your needs. We represent many different manufacturers to bring you the most reliable and affordable prices anywhere.

These lifts can go inside or outside your home or business and provide an accessible wheelchair lift that you can rely on. Some of these lifts can access up to 3 levels in your home.  Usually, there are more than one type of Wheelchair Lift that will work for you. 

Picking the right model for your needs is the more important priority.  We provide a Free Evaluation to determine your needs and recommend the best model of wheelchair lift for you.

Questions to Ask:

Where is the best location for the lift be installed?

How many people and how much weight will be lifted?

What safety features are required in your area and how do they protect you?

What modifications will be needed to install your lift?

Is an installation permit required in your area?

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to your frequently asked questions.  On the Right, Click on the wheelchair lift models.

We are happy to come up and inspect your stairs, and when we understand your needs, and the layout of your stairs, we can recommend a model and an affordable price.  We offer a Free Phone Consultation or a Free Home Evaluation so that you can find the best solution and save time and money by picking the right equipment.  

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