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Wheelchair Lifts in Salt Lake City Utah

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An in-home wheelchair lift is a great way to protect your mobility-challenged family member in Salt Lake City. Designed specifically to assist the elderly or those with mobility issues, wheelchair lifts can accommodate up to a thousand pounds and a range of up to 14 feet. A wheelchair lift is a great alternative to a long ramp into a home or business, and in Salt Lake City we offer wheelchair lifts to help reduce the risk of back sprains for both caregivers and your loved one. These lifts also work well in smaller homes with limited space.

In the long term, wheelchair lifts are much less expensive than an assisted living facility or live-in nurse. More importantly, wheelchair lifts provide your family member with independence and increased mobility. At our Salt Lake City location, we can configure your wheelchair lift to support different weight and height requirements—every customer’s need is different, and we are here to tailor your wheelchair lift to your loved one’s personal needs.


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