Wheelchair Accessible Home for ALS Veteran

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A veteran diagnosed with ALS poses in front of his wheelchair lift, as part of his wheelchair accessible home project

Larry next to his wheelchair lift, also called a vertical platform lift or VPL.

After being diagnosed with ALS, Larry chose to prepare his home to accommodate his FUTURE accessibility needs. The key word is FUTURE. Learning of the diagnosis was not easy, yet he has accepted it, and with acceptance comes change. He has taken multiple steps to achieve a wheelchair accessible home, to plan for the WHEN:

  • When he needs a power chair
  • When he needs access into his home
  • When he needs a bathroom that will fit a power chair
  • When he needs to get downstairs
  • When he needs to go outside to enjoy the outdoors
  • When he needs support from loved ones

Larry is a very special man, husband, father, grandfather and friend. We invite you to meet him to learn how he has chosen to plan for his FUTURE, for WHEN he will need a wheelchair accessible home.