SureHands Ceiling Lift System is 5-Star Genius

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Ceiling Lifts system by SureHands uses a wide range of options which can restore independence and increase accessibility throughout a home. These lifts provide customizable solutions that will allow physically challenged men, women, and children access the bed, shower, bath or toilet and aid in the changing of clothes, standing, and ambulation, and catheterization, at time independently or with the help of a caregiver. Each person’s needs and abilities are unique. The ability to adapt to various needs is what makes the SureHands ceiling lift system an efficient and superior solution.

These lifts help maximize ability and can make independent living a reality for many people. Using the specially designed body support, self-transferring from wheelchair to toilet, bed, or bath becomes a reality for those who previously needed assistance with these activities. A SureHands ceiling lift also provides safer transfers and handling for users and caregivers. When combined with the body support, a hygiene sling, or a universal sling, the rate of caregiver injury significantly decreases when providing direct care.

CHANDA and Accessible Systems staff posing next to a SureHands boddy support ceiling lift medical equipment

CHANDA Center and Accessible Systems staff

“Over the past few decades as a clinician I’ve used a variety of lifts in clinic, school and home settings. The Sure Hands ceiling lifts at the Chanda Center for Health have greatly improved the transfer process for both clinicians and participants. The ease of use and adaptability for people of varying body types and functional mobility levels has been very helpful. The Sure Hands lift eliminates concerns about maneuverability and stability, allowing for a safe and efficient transfer for participants and clinician alike.”

Stephen, Chanda Center Acupuncturist

A ceiling lift can be installed in both existing homes and facilities and new construction. Integrating the system into your home is possible with a few modifications to the existing structure of your residence and the installation of the SureHands track. The ceiling mount track helps keep living space clear while offering maximum mobility throughout the home or facility. Whether you want to transfer for activities of daily living, physical therapy programs or recreation, SureHands offers you the most options to meet your needs.

A SureHands ceiling lift being used to hoist a handicap rider onto a horse prior to riding

SureHands ceiling lifts can be used for extra-curricular activities.

Ergonomic lifting with no loss of space. Independent transfer is made possible with SureHands® Body Support Accommodates conventional slings. The motor and rail systems makes it possible to access all areas and the automatic stop allows the lift to stop at any desired position. For safety, there is a mechanical emergency down feature that can be enabled by the user.

Close up of the patented BODY SUPPORT feature of the SureHands ceiling lift


Let the motor help you with the strain of lifting and lowering. Easily transport the person laterally along the track system once they are suspended. Transfers to bed, bath or toilet have never been easier. All SureHands® track systems can be used with either SureHands® body support or SureHands® slings. So everyone can be accommodated regardless of their disability. SureHands® track systems are perfect for professional as well as private applications.

A close up photo of the track system of a SureHands ceiling lift installed in a medical office

The SureHands track system

Getting In and Out of Bed with a Ceiling Lift

It is possible to get in and out of bed independently if your abilities allow. A SureHands ceiling lift and Body Support can take you directly from your bed to other rooms, helping you to achieve the highest level of independence possible.

SureHands ceiling lift system installed in a bedroom to allow for transfers between bed and a wheelchair

SureHands ceiling lift installed in a bedroom

Transferring to the Toilet with a Ceiling Lift

If your physical limitations do not prevent it, you can use a ceiling motor with a body support to go to the toilet on your own. A SureHands Body Support is helpful for toileting independently because the wholly unencumbered bottom and back region allows for easy access to clothing.

Ceiling Lifts Allow Access to the Tub or Shower

A continuous ceiling track and motor to move conveniently and independently between rooms. Access the bath on your own with a SureHands Body Support or a sling. You can also move freely from a wheelchair directly into a tub or shower.

A male supported inside of a sling in his shower by a SureHands ceiling lift

SureHands ceiling lift used for bathroom transfers

SureHands Ceiling Lifts for Caregivers

The SureHands system is designed to help make daily living activities easier and safer for both user and caregiver. Requiring minimal effort from both parties, the lift does most of the work, leaving hands free to assist with personal care activities, using the bath or shower or getting in and out of bed.

A boy supported inside of a ceiling lift in a living room

Ceiling lifts is a helpful solution for caregivers

A smiling caregiver enjoys time with her dependent, who is supported by a SureHands mobile lift inside of a living room

SureHands lifts make caregiving easier

To learn more about this ceiling lift system, schedule an appointment with your local lift specialist. Our team can help you understand the installation process and assist you in the selection of the right sling or body support for your individual needs.

The Accessible Systems adapted showhome is equipped with a room to room ceiling tract, body support and slings. Therapists, caregivers and individuals can learn how to facilitate a safe transport, hands-free, with this life changing solution.