elite stair lift greeley co

Straight Elite Stair Lift in Greeley, CO

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Straight Elite Stair Lift in Greeley, CO

City: Greely
State: CO, Colorado
Project Type: Bruno Elite StairLift

When the grandmother needed help, and this family was committed to keep her in a private home, they created a mother-in-law suite upstairs, and installed this Elite stair lift. This lift has a weight capacity of 400 lbs and has extra room between the arms for a comfortable seat. This user wanted the larger seat and the adjustability that 5 inches of seat height adjustment could give. She was using a walker now, but know that she might need a wheelchair later. By installing this Elite stair lift, the seat can be lowered later to a wheelchair height. In this way, the wheelchair and the seat of the stair lift are the same height and she can slide over easily.

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The crew cleaned up when they were done and the lift was installed in a few hours. Thanks for a good experience. Brenda S.- Greeley, CO