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Senior woman with her dog in lap sitting on a stair lift in Denver, COThe stair lift is a secure alternative to climbing stairs within a home. Accessible Systems, head-quartered in Denver, Colorado, is a certified dealer of a variety of stair lift models made by some of the more trusted manufacturers in the world. If you or your loved one faces mobility issues, struggle with the pain and effort it can take to go up and down a flight of stairs, or avoid certain areas of your home due to mobility fears, then a stair lift may be the right solution for you.

A stair lift is a mechanical chair that will lift you or your family member safely up and down the stairs. It runs on a track that is anchored onto the steps of a staircase, not the wall. The chair if powered by an electrical motor that glides on this rail. At Accessible Systems, we customize stair lift solutions that will encourage independence and freedom for every Denver, Colorado home that has the need!

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Stair Lift Denver Options

Senior woman on a straight stair lift in her Denver home

Senior man on his curved stair lift denver colorado
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Completed Stair Lift Denver Projects

Click on the links below to see how stair lifts work for other families in actual Denver home installations.

stair lift denver colorado 3 |Curved Stair Lift in Denver, CO

Stunning Stair lift- Cherry Creek neighborhood of Denver, CO

Straight Stair Lift Brighton, CO

Stair Lift Fits Within 2 inches of the Wall

Straight Stair Lift to Basement in Aurora, CO

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Are you Outside of Denver, Colorado?

If your stair lift project is outside of Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, Utah, Northeastern Nevada, or Idaho, then you are out of our service area.

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