Inclined platform wheelchair lift custom installed in a home to access basement

Inclined Platform Lift

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  Inclined Platform Lift Request A Quote View Projects Inclined Platform Lift An inclined platform lift carries a passenger with wheelchair up and down a single flight of straight stairs by traveling along a rail system mounted alongside the stairs. These lifts can be installed in a home or commercial space wherever an elevator is not practical. The motor is …

Woman in a wheelchair accessing the deck in her back yard using a custom installed vertical platform lift

Vertical Platform Lift

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  Vertical Platform Lift Request A Quote View Projects Vertical Platform Lift A vertical platform lift, known simply as a wheelchair lift, is the best alternative to a long ramp into a home or business. Like an elevator, a wheelchair lift has a platform that lifts between 750 and 1.000 pounds from 14 inches to 14 feet high. There are …

Commercial wheelchair lift installed with stairs on concrete at the exterior entrance of an office building near parking

Commercial Wheelchair Lift

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  Commercial Wheelchair Lift Request A Quote View Projects Commercial Wheelchair Lift A commercial wheelchair lift is a key accessibility equipment for every building owner.  There are different needs for each building.  These commercial wheelchair lifts are one of the only ADA approved accessibility solutions that fit between a wheelchair ramp cost ($4,000 to $12,000 cost) and a LULA or …

Wheel chair lift installed inside a garage of a home

Inside Wheelchair Lift (Interior)

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  Inside Wheelchair Lift (Interior) Request A Quote View Projects Inside Wheelchair Lift (Interior) Inside your home, a wheelchair lift can save space, and create a simple, easy to use solutions for vertical levels.  A Vertical Platform lift can lift between 1 foot and 14 feet of vertical height, and can fit inside virtually any home.  A vertical platform lift …

Wheelchair lift custom installed outdoor on a deck overlooking the rocky mountains

Outdoor Wheelchair Lifts

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  Outdoor Wheelchair Lifts Request A Quote View Projects Outdoor Wheelchair Lifts These Wheelchair Elevator, or Vertical Platform lift, is a great alternative for accessing vertical heights from 14 inches to 14 feet in the exterior of a home.  These wheelchair lifts are designed to handle the weather and the harsh temperatures of the outdoors.  From 20 below zero F …