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Home Modifications: How do I pay for this?
When the need arises to install specialized equipment to make a home accessible, we get asked all the time, “will my insurance cover any of this?”

The short answer:
Most insurance does not cover anything installed in the home. Why?

Any equipment that is installed into the home (i.e. permanently altered, modified/attached to the structure) is considered to be a “home improvement,” and therefore is not something that is included in a policy.

The long answer:

There are state-funded resources as well as local non-profits or city and county grants available for home modifications, especially if you’re a veteran or currently qualified based on a limited income. Explore these resources to find the best funding options for your specific need.

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Veterans Affairs Funding Programs

The Veterans Affairs (VA) office provides grants to service members and veterans with certain permanent and total service-connected disabilities to help purchase or construct an adapted home, or mo...

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Denver Grants and Funding Programs

There are numerous funding source options available for those who need assistance covering the cost of home modifications in the greater Denver, CO, metropolitan area . These agencies want families...

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Medicaid Home Modification Funding Guide

For over 20 years, Accessible Systems has helped families navigate the Medicaid Home Modification Funding process. The majority of our clients, from children to adults, have disabilities. About hal...