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Colorado Medicaid Gets Approval to Raise Home Modification Cap to $14,000

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As of February 1, Colorado Medicaid can approve up to $14,000 for Medicaid Home Modification. This has been a 2 year journey and the Federal Government has finally approved this increase.  The State Legislature has voted in 2014 and again in 2015 to increase the funding for this valuable program, but the Affordable Care Act required any changes in these programs had to be to be approved by the Federal Government (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services).  This is perfect for Colorado Home Modification or Denver Home Modifications.

Since the cap has not gone up in 15 years, this restores the benefit that helps our citizens stay in their home. This will help a Colorado family who is disabled have an accessible shower and an accessible wheelchair ramp/lift.  Due to inflation over the last few years, each Medicaid beneficiary was getting less and less for home modification benefit.  The benefits are real.

The State of Colorado reported in 2013 that it cost $73,000 to have a Medicaid patient in an assisted living/nursing home. They also report that it was $27,000 to have the same person stay in their own home. They already want to stay in their own home and this is a big savings to the State as well.  When you can modify your home, your independence goes up.  When your independence goes up, you can better take responsibility for yourself and reach for a better life.

Currently, the State of Colorado Medicaid provides home modification, accessibility, and assistive equipment thru this program.  This includes accessible bathroom and roll in showers, wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, ceiling lifts, patient lifts, grab bars, railings, door widening, and accessible sinks.  This can be in the state as a whole or just in a city like Denver or Colorado Springs or Fort Collins.

If you have used your Medicaid Home Modification benefit in the past, you can access the additional $4000 for additional projects or use it for repair/service.  This increase only applied to the Adult waiver programs, and doesn’t cover the Spinal Cord Injury Waiver at this time.  Hopefully, the federal government will approval this additional benefit for more programs soon.

The State of Colorado has posted further details on the Home Modification Benefit Website –  

You can apply for the Medicaid Home Modification Benefits which is a part of the Medicaid Waiver Programs.    There is one Single Entry Point for each County.   Visit to see a list of Single Entry Point contacts.

You can find the Colorado Medicaid Process at

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