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About Accessible Systems | a Lifeway Mobility Company

For 20 years, our goal is helping you live in your home safe and independently.  We have searched for products and solutions that work for every home, and we have served over 10,000 customers with top reviews.  This is expertise.

We not only offer accessibility equipment, but also install our products to create a customized fit for your home or business. Our products include residential elevators and lift systems that assist you and/or your caregiver in every room of your house including garages and stairs. We also have a complete line of specialized Medical Equipment to assist you. And, we also offer customized home modifications and remodeling including the installation of all our products along with barrier free bathrooms, ramps, grab bars, widening of doors, and additions.

Call us at 303-693-7787, visit us at our showrooms, or email us to set up your in-home assessment or demo so we can work together to identify and overcome your specific barriers. We can also send you a free video on our equipment usage.

Accessible Systems, Inc., a Lifeway Mobility company, is licensed as a general contractor, and elevator contractor in your local area.  Unlike many providers, we are insured with liability and workers compensation to protect your home and our team.  We hold national certifications like Certified Aging in Place (CAPS) and Certified Living in Place (CLIPP) certified.  We also complete national training annually, we are trained and certified by our manufactures, and we are approved providers for the Veterans Administration, your state Medicaid program, Worker’s Compensation and Vocational Rehab. We have a complete listing of funding options and are available to assist you including financing, and credit card payment to make your home solution affordable. 

Company History

Accessible Systems Inc., a Lifeway Mobility company, was founded in 1999 in Littleton, Colorado by Marty Twaddell and John Bixenman starting from a basement office.  For over 20 years, we have remained a family owned provider offering full service home accessibility. 

In 2001, we moved into our first location in Old Town Littleton, Colorado in a 107 year old Victorian home that was adapted with the latest in assistive equipment and barrier free universal design.   We looked for talented people that were loyal and cared about our mission of helping people enjoy their freedom and independence inside their home.  We slowly added employees to reach a team of 10 people. 

In 2006, we expanded to serve the entire state of Colorado and added lift and transfer systems in Utah.  A few years later, we opened up our location in Salt Lake City Utah led by Jeff Gardner, who shared our values in the Utah area.  

In rapid fashion, we opened up a Northern Colorado and Wyoming office in 2014 led by Michael French, and our Colorado Springs location in 2016, led by David Martin. 

In 2018, we expanded to Dallas Texas, and in 2019 we merged with long time industry veterans Rehab Outfitters and our Dallas General Manager, Erik Strader.

We are now 46 team members that are experts in home accessibility with personal experience with the needs of the aging, disability, and home owners.  We have served our own families in their time of need, and we have built relationships with so many families.  Many of our team have more than 10-20 years of individual experience.  We plan to continue to expand our team and our locations to serve you better