Winter Ramp

Winterize your Ramp!

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Winterize Your RampIt’s that time of year again where snow and ice can turn just about any solid surface into somewhat of a skating rink. We want to prevent falls and help you get the most out of your new aluminum ramp system. This is what you should know about what it takes to winterize your ramp.

It is strongly recommended that you avoid using the following products on your aluminum ramp:

  • rock salt
  • magnesium chloride
  • antifreeze
  • metal snow shovels
  • adhesive texture/anti-slip strips

Instead, we encourage you to try the following when it comes to winterizing your ramp system:

  • sand
  • broom- sweep snow instead of shovel
  • outdoor mats/carpeting
  • heating pads or heat-tape
Winter Ramp

Trust us, this is NOT what your ramp should look like this winter!

Here’s why… Using chemicals on any sort of ramp (or deck) system can cause the metal parts to rust, weaken or corrode. A sharp metal (or metal tipped) snow shovel may scratch the surface of the ramp, and allow water or other substances to penetrate the material and weaken the structural integrity. Clearing snow from ramps is easy with a broom and will prevent damage to the surface. Outdoor weather mats are also helpful in preventing buildup of snow and ice, and can simply be shaken off to clear the ramp of any slipping hazards. Finally, using heating pads underneath the carpeting/mats, or installing heat-tape along the seams of the ramp will not allow ice to form, and will also help to melt snow off the ramp without using any chemicals.