A modular, aluminum, wheelchair ramp installed at the entrance of a Wichita, KS, home

Wheelchair Ramp Wichita Kansas

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A disabled person happily rides down a wheelchair ramp on his wheelchair

Ramps empower anyone on wheels to come and go safely and independently

Every caregiver and wheelchair user has unique challenges, but most of our clients desire a wheelchair-accessible home that allows freedom and independence. At Accessible Systems, our wheelchair ramps are designed around the preferences and needs of our customers in Wichita, Kansas. Whether you’re looking for a custom wood wheelchair ramp, modular ramp or a portable ramp, we can help! Our Wichita location offers a complimentary consultation to discuss your wheelchair ramp requirements.

Wheelchair Ramp Wichita Resources

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A certified accessibility ramp technician measuring out the front steps and deck of a home

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