Wheelchair lift to second floor, level apartment over a barn-shaped garage installed for a handicap father in Salida, CO

Wheelchair Lift to Second Floor Apartment Home

Armando Carillo Projects

Wheelchair Lift to Second Floor Apartment Home

City: Salida
State: CO, Colorado
Project Type: Wheelchair Lifts

Shawna’s father had a stroke so she wanted him to be close by. She also wanted him to maintain his independence and have his own space. Instead of moving him into their own home, they offered him the full apartment above their garage. The only problem? He is now in a wheelchair because of the stroke. A wheelchair lift to his second floor apartment was the most ideal solution. A Bruno wheelchair lift was custom installed at a fair cost. This wheelchair lift in this Salida, CO home proved the right solution that allowed Shawna and her father to remain close. And what about dad? Well, he values being close as well, and the safety and ease of access that the wheelchair lift provides, but he’s MOST happy that he can live his life independently and on his own terms, while preserving his dignity.

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My dad’s apartment is 15 steps above our garage. We worried he would never be able to access it. We couldn’t be more thankful for the wheelchair lift. It’s gave us all some peace of mind.