Wheelchair Lift layton in garage next to door

Wheelchair Lift Layton, Utah in Garage Next to Door

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Wheelchair Lift Layton, Utah in Garage Next to Door

City: Layton
State: UT, Utah
Project Type: Vertical Platform Lift - Wheelchair Lift

This Wheelchair Lift in Layton, Utah was installed directly to the doorway to the house. We removed the stairs and didn’t put in the normal wooden platform. With this lift, there was still room to park 2 cars, and the door automatically locks with the lift is not at the top level for safety.

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When I first purchased the Bruno system from Accessible Systems I was impressed by Jeff’s effort to serve our needs! The delivery and installation were seamless!! My wife was the sole user up until she went in to a residential home service near where we live. Since then I have had to use and what a blessing it is!! I have sciatica and a bad hip which has caused me to use it continuously. It is a life saver not having to worry about falling down the stairs to the garage, which is bad at any age! I am only 87 and consider it a lifesaver. Accessible Systems was the right choice for us!!

-Lewis F.