A woman gives a thumbs up while standing on her newly installed vertical platform lift, also called a wheelchair lift, in the garage entrance of her home.

Wheelchair Lifts in Denver Colorado

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A woman on her wheelchair is descending down the patio of her home on a wheelchair lift

Independent freedom of movement is possible with a wheelchair lift

Wheelchair lift provide an easy and affordable solution for improved home or business access, especially for family members who have difficulty climbing stairs, or for those who are dependent on a wheelchair.

At our Denver, Colorado location, we provide wheelchair lift systems with a weight capacity up to 1,000 pounds, with heights up to 14 feet. Compared to wheelchair ramps, lifts require less space and can fit in areas that ramps typically cannot.

The wheelchair lift is a great solution in the greater Denver, Colorado metropolitan area that can meet the needs of your multi-level indoor or outdoor living situation. Simplify the lifestyle of yourself or a loved on with independent freedom of movement allowed by a wheelchair lift.

Wheelchair Lift Installations in Denver Colorado

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A powered scooter on a vertical platform lift, aka a wheelchair lift.

A vertical platform lift (VPL) can also lift a powered scooter

Wheelchair Lift in Motion

Watch as this customer can now access his bedroom safely and independently, without anyone’s help. The wheelchair lift empowers him to do so!

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