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A wheelchair lift, also referred to as a vertical platform lift or a VPL, is a motor powered device designed to raise and lower a wheelchair user to overcome vertical barriers. At our Dallas location, many of our customers install wheelchair lifts as an alternative to a stair lift or a ramp, since it can be used by both wheelchair and scooter users and typically requires less space to install. If you have space limitations, it is important to note that wheelchair lifts work well in smaller homes.

At Accessible Systems, we evaluate your space and needs, and then recommend the best mobility solutions for you. In the long term, wheelchair lifts are less expensive than a live-in nurse or assisted living facility, and our mobility solutions provide your loved one with independence and freedom. Please contact our Dallas wheelchair lift specialists to learn how we can configure your wheelchair lift to support varied weight and height requirements.

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Want to learn more about how a wheelchair lift could help you or a loved one overcome mobility challenges at home? Fill out the form below to connect with our Dallas, Texas team and see if a wheelchair lift could be the solution you’ve been looking for. We proudly serve Dallas, Texas and the surrounding areas. Schedule a complimentary consultation in your home with our team today!