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What to Expect During a Virtual Home Accessibility Evaluation

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Elder senior woman on a Bruno Elan stair lift smiling at her grandchildrenLike many of you at home, Accessible Systems (ASI) has also had to adjust its work culture in light of the coronavirus COVID-19 preventative measures implemented by federal and state governments. Even now, the ASI showroom is open, and ASI remains firmly committed to delivering the highest quality home accessibility evaluations for anyone in need of equipment or custom home remodeling to make their home safer and more comfortable.

Because of the recommended social isolation countermeasure, it’s more important than ever that the homes of people living with disabilities and seniors are made accessible. Conducting in-home evaluations is certainly more challenging now, but not impossible.

Accessible Systems is now offering virtual home evaluations in place of an in-home visit, if preferred by a client, and here is how this new community service will be conducted:

A heart-felt conversation. It all starts with a video chat to help our home accessibility experts fully understand your immediate and future needs. FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, Google Hangouts are some of the ways we’d connect. Using a mobile device, a person would point the camera in the direction of the challenge areas in the home, such as the main entrances, stairs, narrow hallways, kitchen, bathrooms, and the bedroom, in order to provide the required visuals.

Notes and on-the-spot recommendations. During the virtual tour of a home via mobile devices, an Accessible Systems expert will take thorough notes of the challenges a person faces throughout the home and in their daily lives. Recommendations will be made and discussed, then prioritized. For example, the entrance to a home may be the most urgent challenge and first to be made accessible by the installation of a portable ramp or wheelchair lift. Other challenges would be prioritized accordingly.

Create a plan unique to you. Following the virtual tour, a home accessibility plan will be crafted by an Accessible Systems expert that will take into account the various challenges discussed, and will include a timeline, budget and other factors.

Following the plan, the Accessible Systems team will be ready to move forward with the actual installation of equipment, or modifications of the home to truly grant a person the independence and safety required.

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