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What to Expect During a Home Accessibility Evaluation

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When you or a loved one call Accessible Systems for a home evaluation we know that you’ve done your research and chosen our company for our experience or that perhaps we were recommended to you by a therapist, physician or other community partners. No matter how you got our name our team is committed to delivering you the best quality experience from the first phone call through the installation of your equipment and beyond. Our team understands that helping you identify the right solution to meet your needs is part of a collaborative process between the person in need, the caregiver and family and the ASI representative. While we’d love to do business with you if we don’t offer the best solution to your needs we’ll help you find someone who can help you.

When our accessibility experts visit your home they are trained to help identify challenges throughout the property. The majority of our customers call with a solution in mind however, once our experts visit your home, other options may present themselves. Occasionally the layout of the house may mean other accessibility concerns were previously overlooked or not thoroughly evaluated.

During your home evaluation, you can expect our experts to:

Understand your needs – both current and future. We work with all types of clients, from newly disabled to those who have long-term disease processes that will change their mobility in ways that are difficult to anticipate. By focusing on you or your loved one’s abilities and understanding the whole picture we can make recommendations that have a lasting impact on the ability to use and enjoy your entire home.

Create a plan with you. Many families come to us feeling overwhelmed, scared, anxious, sad; the list goes on and on. Our job is to help alleviate that stress through well thought out solutions that keep both caregiver and user safety in mind. Depending upon the urgency and longevity of your needs solutions can be temporary or more permanent modifications can be made to your home. Long-term thinking and planning ahead help us help you find the best solutions.

Evaluate the whole home. When a disease process is diagnosed or a traumatic event occurs many family members and loved ones are able to see obvious mobility barriers throughout the home right away. Entryways into the house will need to be modified, stairs present a new challenge, and accessing the bathroom for daily living activities will become difficult. All too often more subtle barriers to accessibility in the home can be overlooked: transitions between carpet and wood flooring can make it difficult for someone who relies on a walker or wheelchair to move through the house; a complete bathroom remodel may not be needed if a doorway can be widened and a shower chair like the ShowerBuddy can be used with the existing tub. These are two examples among many.

Offer unexpected options. Our company has been in business since 1999 and our team is passionate about helping you and your loved ones stay safely at home. We offer solutions throughout the home including stairlifts, ceiling lift systems, wheelchair ramps, vertical platform lifts, residential elevators, lift chairs and bathroom remodels. Choosing the best solution to help you overcome the barriers to accessibility in your home is our priority.

Our team is ready to evaluate your home and help you consider all your accessibility needs. Call today and schedule your free in-home evaluation with one of our experts! Choose the office nearest to you for more information: Denver, Southern Colorado, Northern Colorado including Wyoming, Dallas, and Utah.