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What Does Feeling “Safe at Home” Mean to You?

In this series of inspirational and life-changing stories, we explore what it means to feel “Safe at Home.” Take a moment to meet a new family, and to learn about their struggles with mobility and accessibility barriers around the home, and how they overcame such difficulties. We trust you’ll relate to these stories and will find comfort in knowing you’re not alone, and that you’ll find resources to help you or a loved one remain safe at home.

Bertha’s Ramps Up Her Independence >>

Bertha's happy now quote following her wheelchair ramp installation

Bertha, a senior citizen, faced a rough stretch of life challenges, capped by the death of her disabled son. Bertha lost her sense of security and her mobility began to decline, so she was at risk of losing her independence at home as well. This made Bertha’s daughter, Jacquiline, feel increasingly uneasy about her mom’s safety, so she took action!

Straight Stair Lift to Basement is Eva’s Little Workhorse >>

Happy customer and her dog during an interview about her new straight stair lift

It took a couple of falls down Eva’s long, narrow and deceptive staircase into her basement for her and her husband to install a stair lift. Accessing her basement was a necessity, because she runs her arts & crafts business out of it, among other things.