A vertical platform lift vpl installed in a Johnstown, CO home in place of wooden stairs for accessibility

Vertical Platform Lift Over a Ramp for a Garage

Armando Carillo Projects

Vertical Platform Lift Over a Ramp for a Garage

City: Johnstown
State: CO, Colorado
Project Type: Wheelchair Lifts

While ramps are a common piece of equipment for accessibility into and out of a home, sometimes they simply aren’t the right solution. For this family, the five steps from garage floor into their Johnstown, CO home would call for nearly 35 feet of ramping to be zig-zagged through their garage. Since they want to use their garage for their cars, our equipment specialist recommended a vertical platform lift (VPL), also commonly called a wheelchair lift, as the best solution for their situation. A wheelchair lift allows the user to wheel onto the platform and safely navigate into the home, while using a 50-inch by 50-inch footprint.

Vertical Platform Lift Demonstration

Take a look at this wheelchair lift demonstration, hosted by one of Accessible Systems’ founders.

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The space in out garage was limited, so a ramp simply would not work. The wheelchair lift helps us avoid having to climb stairs just to get into our home, while keep the garage open for our cars.