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Could You Use A Little Help?

Nathan Colburn Newsletter

A Little Help is a nonprofit organization that connects neighbors across ages to enhance lives and strengthen our communities. We are helping older adults to age well in their homes by connecting them to an important resource plentiful in every community: good neighbors! Many tasks around the house and yard chip away at independence, but with A Little Help, good neighbors can help elders with transALH logo |portation, yard work, handiwork, home organization, and social engagement, empowering seniors to thrive in the communities they have put down roots in for decades. We create opportunities for our seniors to share reciprocally their stories and skills in the community. For example, as Service Saturday! volunteers are working hard to clear flower beds and cut down vines, our members are quick to impart their own wisdom and experience to share gardening tips with young adults and new homeowners.
Our elders have made the choice of staying at home, with a little help from their friends and neighbors, rather than moving to a retirement community (with a lot of help). Studies show that living in the comfort of our own homes is the best, and most cost-effective, choice for most people.
We love what we do for so many reasons. Intergenerational programs bring together diverse groups and networks and help to dispel inaccurate stereotypes and strengthen the community. Sharing talents and resources help to create a unified group identity. Children, youth, and older adults are less alienated while the community recognizes that they are contributing members of society. Programs like this promote the transmission of cultural traditions and values from older to younger generations, build a sense of personal and societal identity, encourage tolerance, and unite community members to take action on public policy issues that address human needs across the generations.
Thanks to our volunteers, members, and community organizers that make all of this possible! Learn more at: https://www.alittlehelp.org/