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My Travelling Mobility Scooter

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Your New Mobility Scooter

We offer many different Mobility Scooters, but the question I am asked the most is, “where all will my scooter go?” Now, this question can be a hard one to answer, and it really is going to depend on which scooter you are looking at, but our scooters generally will travel with you.

I recently spoke to a customer who told me all the places they had taken their new mobility scooter. She said my scooter has been to Aruba, West Coast, East Coast, Breckenridge, and will soon be going to England, Iceland, & France!

I know our scooters travel easily, but I wanted to hear it first hand, so I asked, “how does it work with the airlines?” his response was, ” if you can travel with a baby stroller, you can travel with these scooters.” The airlines are wonderful, you ride the scooter up to the plane door and they take over from there.

Now the question is, where will your scooter take you?

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