Collage of a Stiltz home elevator, home lift, installed next to a stairway.

Travel Through-the-floor with a Stiltz Elevator

Armando Carillo Blog

Stiltz elevators are innovative and unique and make it easy and safe to travel through-the-floor and between levels in a home. Stiltz elevators mesh practicality and design and can be installed almost anywhere, without the need for a shaft or an electrical room. For anyone struggling with going up and down stairs, a Stiltz elevator could be the solution to help improve one’s lifestyle, and could be a more attractive alternative to a stair lift.

Features of a Stiltz Elevator for a Home

  • Cost effective: Way cheaper than a traditional residential elevator with a shaft.
  • Stylish:  It simply looks good.
  • Versatile Installation:  You can place a Stiltz elevator almost anywhere. It is free standing, has a very small footprint (less than 7 square feet), and it works with your lifestyle.
  • Fast Installation:  It is  piece of equipment, therefore it requires minimal construction or alteration to a home.
  • Quiet and fast:  Stiltz home elevators don’t make a lot of noise, and the drive system is quieter than many stairlifts. There are no noisy hydraulic or vacuum components involved. Certain models can carry two people at the same time, or a person in a wheelchair, between two levels in under 30 seconds.
  • Safety:  There are may safety features built in, such as a back up battery, a full or half height door, obstruction sensors, a key lock, optional seat and grab bar, and the flood lid on the floor is safe to stand on.

Improve Your Lifestyle With a Stiltz Elevator

  • Transport more than yourself:  The elevator can carry just about anything that will fit into it, within it’s weight limits, of course . This includes laundry, a vacuum, luggage, boxes, small furniture, and it’s safe enough for a furry pet. Coupled with  a remote control, think of it as an extra pair of hands.
  • Don’t Move:  Because of the ease of installation, and affordable cost, a Stiltz elevator can save a family from the heartache and mental exhaustion of having to move.
  • Adds Value:  Installing a home elevator may add value to your home, and isn’t a piece of mobility equipment that is removed as commonly as a stair lift by new homebuyers.

Stiltz Elevator Cost

The general range for a Stiltz elevator will start at $32,000 for the elevator and installation alone. Since the installation does require a cut out on the 2nd floor, any construction/customization may cost extra. A permit may also be required in certain states. This is most definitely not a DIY project!