Through-the-Floor Home Elevator

Through-the-Floor Home Elevator

A New Kind of Home Elevator

How do you define Independence?  When did you first feel independent?  For Jesse, a 13 year old young man, growing up means completing his large stack of homework, keeping his things picked up, feeding his dog Poe, and going to bed without being told.  Except that his bedroom is upstairs, and Jesse has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  Jesse and his parents looked everywhere, and discovered that a stair lift could be installed, but Jesse uses a wheelchair half the time and the stair lift wouldn’t carry his wheelchair.  A home elevator could be installed, but Jesse’s bedroom and playroom didn’t have the space for a traditional elevator and they couldn’t afford the cost.

Jesse’s living room is directly underneath his bedroom and playroom, and it is where he loves to play video games after his homework is done, of course.  Here is a picture from our first visit.

Thru the Floor Home Elevator Wessex Before Living Room

After extensive research, they found the “Thru the Floor” Lift from Wessex.

It is a wheelchair lift that goes “Thru the Floor” and it doesn’t require the space of a traditional home elevator.  When it goes thru the floor to the upper level, the bottom of the lift closes the opening in the ceiling of the main level, and when the Wessex lift is on the main level, the ceiling of the lift become the floor, complete with the carpet of Jesse’s playroom. All this at half the cost of an elevator.

Here is a video of Jesse’s first ride.  Notice his smile of enjoyment as he is in control; he is now independent.  Notice how he sticks his tongue out, as if to say, “I can do it myself.”  Notice that he hides from his parents in the window of this unique lift on the way down and pops up to surprise them.  Independence can happen at any age, and for Jesse, it is his doing something many young adults would complain about; going to bed without being told.


This lift is made in England, and the Managing Director flew to Denver to assist in the installation of this home lift.  The 1st day of installation, it snowed 14 inches, and Jesse got to stay home from school and watch the installation process.  The entire team worked to get this lift ready for Jesse to ride when he came home from school on the second day.  We are is very proud of Jesse and the work on this project.   More Info can be found at or at


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