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Therapy Swing and Play Room

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Therapy Swing and Play Room

City: Denver
State: CO, Colorado
Project Type: Therapy Swing

For children with autism who crave vestibular sensory input, nothing is as satisfying as a therapy swing. Swinging is a preferred activity for many kids on the autism spectrum because they can be in control of the amount and type of sensory input they are receiving. Sensory integration can be difficult for many autistic children, using a swing helps with sensory integration and helps them process sensory input. These platform style therapy swings allow for a 360 degree range of motion. A therapy swing provides both calming fun and essential vestibular movement to encourage developmental milestones.

Therapy Swings improve smell, sight, sound, touch, and balance

For children with autism, processing smell, sight, sound, touch, balance and body is overwhelming. The use of a therapy swing allows the child to withdraw into a safe place and use the gentle swinging motion to soothe and restore their sense of internal balance after over-stimulation. Children who have difficulty concentrating on their schoolwork, specifically math or reading, may find it easier to concentrate while swinging in a therapy swing.

Symptoms of sensory processing disorder include poor posture, frequent clumsiness, and overall weakness. Giving your child a safe place where he or she can retreat to can help them develop their sensory and muscle systems at the same time. Utilizing a therapy swing can also help your child become more aware of their body space in relation to their surroundings. Stimulating their vestibular or movement senses and their proprioceptive or position senses helps them feel greater control over their body and its position. Swing therapy has been shown to make children feel more confident and independent due to improved body and positional awareness.

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There are so many different attachments for our new therapy swing. Our little girl loves it, and so do all her therapists!