The Right Tool for the Job

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the right tool

by Lenore Morton, COTA/L

There are many ways to adapt your home or use tools to make tasks easier to accomplish. When my daughter was in the fourth grade, her teacher had a project for the students to invent a tool to help someone in their family accomplish a difficult task. Each student created a poster presentation and demonstrated their new product during their “Invention Fair” in the gymnasium. Many of the kids created items for their grandparents. Kids had watched their loved ones struggle with arthritic hands and limited motion as they performed tasks during their day. One girl used a long-handled shower brush and covered it with cloth in order for her grandmother to apply lotion to her back.

My daughter “created” a button hook for her grandma out of an ergonomic handle from a kitchen peeler and wire. Grandma had been commenting how difficult it was to button her slacks. When it comes to adapting activities, it is so helpful to find or create a safe “right tool for the job” in order to maintain a safe and more successful home environment. Here is where Accessible Systems excels.

There are so many options for consumers nowadays with internet access that options can seem limitless. We have a reputation for quality to maintain, and have narrowed the search for you by supplying and installing only quality products. We stand behind our ramps, stair lifts, ceiling lifts and adaptive equipment because we have been in business 18 years, long enough to know what products will last for you. Our installers are skilled in doing the job correctly and are able to service your installation. We have received many-a-call each week from people who are bemoaning the fact that they went with another company. This is right off our website:

“It is important to have a local service or repairman, as well as a good manufacturers warranty for any equipment purchase. ASI is proud to support our customers with our outstanding service team!”

Don’t fall for someone who will finagle you into believing sub-par products are the best way to go. When you depend on items day-in and day-out, maintain your high standard of reliability. Doing it right the first time and using the right tool for the job aligns with the ASI philosophy. We have satisfied thousands of customers over the years. We will satisfy you. We can be your “right tool for the job.”