A disabled girl is suspended in a SureHands sling attached to a ceiling lift track system as a technician demonstrates and the mom looks on

Phasing Into Home Modifications for a Disabled Child

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Phasing Into Home Modifications for a Disabled Child City: Johnstown State: CO, Colorado Project Type: Ceiling Lift Track System When caring for a child with a disability, families often find their needs changing over time. As the child grows up, moving him/her around the house becomes more challenging for the caregiver, which is often the parents. To make transfers within …

Bruno Elite commercial stair lift installation in a church in Longmont, CO

Commercial Stair Lift Makes Longmont CO Church Accessible

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Commercial Stair Lift Makes Longmont CO Church Accessible City: Longmont State: CO, Colorado Project Type: Bruno Elite Commercial Stair Lift A lot of love has been poured into the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Longmont, CO recently. After a full renovation, church leadership turned to Accessible Systems or Northern Colorado to restore access and safety to the upper level of their …

How to qualify for a sales tax exemption for durable medical equipment and

How to Save Money with a Sales Tax Exemption for Home Medical Equipment

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Because home accessibility is so important to healthy living, many states provide a sales tax exemption for durable medical equipment including stair lifts, wheelchair ramps, wheelchair lifts, overhead ceiling lifts and many other useful equipment. This can save you money if you understand how it works. Sales tax for many states is between 5% and 12% based on where you …

Wheelchair Lift vs Modular Wheelchair Ramp: What’s Right for You?

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Both a vertical platform lift (VPL) and a modular wheelchair ramp are ideal solutions that grant a user home accessibility. There are various factors to consider between these two durable medical equipment options. This side-by-side comparison should help steer you in the right direction. Factors VPL Modular Wheelchair Ramp This comparison serves as a guide and Accessible Systems highly recommends …

A Bruno straight stair lift installed at Accessible System's Denver, Colorado showroom

Do Stair Lifts Damage Stairs or the Wall?

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Many people with physical disabilities or mobility challenges hesitate installing a stair lift because they think stair lifts damage stairs or the wall in their home. There is a myth that stair lifts are attached to the wall and that when it comes time to remove them, they damage the wall. The truth is that a stair lift does not …

elite stair lift greeley co

Straight Elite Stair Lift in Greeley, CO

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When the grandmother needed help, and this family was committed to keep her in a private home, they created a mother-in-law suite upstairs, and installed this Elite stair lift. This lift has a weight capacity of 400 lbs and has extra room between the arms for a comfortable seat. This user wanted the larger seat and the adjustability that 5 inches of seat height adjustment could give. She was using a walker now, but know that she might need a wheelchair later. By installing this Elite stair lift, the seat can be lowered later to a wheelchair height. In this way, the wheelchair and the seat of the stair lift are the same height and she can slide over easily.

Walk in tub for veteran and senior show it off with a Navy salute

Veteran’s Walk In Tub in Loveland, CO

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Ralph received a VA HISA grant in order to make modifications to his home. We were honored to work with Ralph and his family in order to make his home accessible to allow him to live independently. Ralph is a WWII Navy Veteran and has protected our country and his family his entire life. We were excited to take care of much of the paperwork, so that Ralph can enjoy his walk in tub in his own home.

5 Home Accessibility Fails to avoid

5 Unbelievable Home Accessibility Fails

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As we work with homeowners with physical disabilities, we see many accessibility fails that were made by contractors or other companies that just don’t meet ADA requirements. Some of these mobility equipment installations and home modifications are unfortunately unusable for the homeowner and result in even more headache and inaccessibility than before they were installed. Working with an accessibility provider …


Door Widening for Accessibility

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When most people think about making a home accessible, they think about ramps, stairlifts, ceiling lifts, and wheelchair lifts. However, one of the most significant barriers to accessibility in the house are the doorways themselves. The standard width sizes for interior doors range from 22 inches to 30 inches. The minimum recommended door width for those with disabilities, or assistive equipment …