Wheelchair ramp versus vertical platform lift comparison

Wheelchair Lift vs Modular Wheelchair Ramp: What’s Right for You?

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Both a vertical platform lift (VPL) and a modular wheelchair ramp are ideal solutions that grant a user home accessibility. There are various factors to consider between these two durable medical equipment options. This side-by-side comparison should help steer you in the right direction. Factors VPL Modular Wheelchair Ramp This comparison serves as a guide and Accessible Systems highly recommends …

5 Case Studies of Home Accessibility Solutions

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Take a look at the following home accessibility solutions that sparked happiness from our clients, and let’s celebrate these families’ stories and lives. 1. Modular Wheelchair Ramp Installed in a Garage Michael is all smiles at the top of his newly installed modular wheelchair ramp in the garage of his Utah home. Installing a ramp in a home garage entrance …

Wheelchair lift to second floor, level apartment over a barn-shaped garage installed for a handicap father in Salida, CO

Wheelchair Lift to Second Floor Apartment Home

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Wheelchair Lift to Second Floor Apartment HomeCity: Salida State: CO, Colorado Project Type: Wheelchair LiftsShawna’s father had a stroke so she wanted him to be close by. She also wanted him to maintain his independence and have his own space. Instead of moving him into their own home, they offered him the full apartment above their garage. The only problem? …

A vertical platform lift vpl installed in a Johnstown, CO home in place of wooden stairs for accessibility

Vertical Platform Lift Over a Ramp for a Garage

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Vertical Platform Lift Over a Ramp for a GarageCity: Johnstown State: CO, Colorado Project Type: Wheelchair LiftsWhile ramps are a common piece of equipment for accessibility into and out of a home, sometimes they simply aren’t the right solution. For this family, the five steps from garage floor into their Johnstown, CO home would call for nearly 35 feet of …