An elderly woman in a wheelchair is comforted and a mother daughter share a thumbs up

How The American Rescue Funds Act Saves Medicaid Recipients Over $60K

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From the American Rescue Funds Act inside the Medicaid benefit, we are seeing an additional $10K benefit (up to $24,000) per person. The key takeaway is that staying in one’s home saves over $60K a year in nursing care for Medicaid recipients and helps you be independent. In the state of Colorado (find your state below), there is an additional …

The Joy an Automatic Door Opener for a Home Brings

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An automatic door opener for a home is a device that can bring a disabled person, and anyone really, much joy and can flat out make life easier. They’re everywhere in public, and they are also quite common in homes, too.  The residential handicap door openers can be easily triggered with the push of button on the wall or …

The Signs That Your Aging Parents Need Help in Their Home

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Aging is normal, and at some point, all parents will need a little help. For aging parents living alone in their home, changes in circumstance can happen slowly over time, or unexpectedly. There are various signs to look for that can help identify when aging parents need help, and how to put forth a plan to allow them to age …

An older couple exiting their home into the garage about to ride a FlexStep wheelchair lift

The FlexStep Transforms From Stairs to Wheelchair Lift

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The FlexStep Transforms From Stairs to Wheelchair LiftCity: Denver State: CO, Colorado Project Type: Wheelchair LiftPaul has a progressive condition and has unfortunately taken some falls down the stairs in his home. These accidents have left him wheelchair bound. Paul and his wife of nearly 50 years, Kathleen, needed to adapt their home to allow him to move around, but …

Grab bars Denver CO

Grab bars, Denver, CO

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Grab bars installed in clients bathroom in Denver, CO. Grab Bars must be installed properly and here are the steps that we use. To install a grab bar in tile or fiberglass surface, we find the stud or the wood in the wall that is the strongest place to install the grab bar. The studs are typically every 16 inches and they go vertically from the floor to the ceiling. Then we drill the tile or fiberglass with a special bit so that the tile or fiberglass doesn’t crack. Sometime, you have to drill very slow so the heat doesn’t build up and ruin the surface. After the hole is drilled, we caulk the hole to seal it from water. This is critical, as water will get behind the grab bar and behind the wall and destroy the wall. Then, we screw in the grab bar through the caulk sealant and into the stud. Now the Grab Bar is secure and safe, and looks great.

Handicap ramps installation and service in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Dallas

Handicap Ramps: Winter Safety Tips

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As the temperature dips and light dustings of snow hit the ground, many who rely on handicap ramps to enter their home have begin to worry about how to stay safe when snow and ice begin to collect on their ramp. Slick conditions on your handicap ramp can make leaving home difficult and unsafe for those with mobility issues. However, …

Visit our Adapted Home and Stair Lift Showroom

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Stair Lifts Showroom, Plus Wheelchair Ramps, Lift Systems and More Let our specialists show you around our world-class, fully adapted home and stair lift showroom. Call ahead to one of our locations or request a FREE home evaluation. Featured here is our showroom in Englewood, CO, just outside of Denver. This adapted home is a one of a kind showroom …

Residential elevator custom installed in a a home by Accessible Systems of Denver

Residential Elevators Cost and 5 Other Factors to Consider

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Residential elevators can be a perfect solution, if accessibility and mobility in your home is a challenge. As the footprint of a residential elevator has decreased over the years, more seniors, elders and homeowners that are handicap or have a physical disability are considering adding a home elevator as a viable option to make moving between levels in a home easier …