Residential elevator custom installed in a a home by Accessible Systems of Denver

Residential Elevator Cost and 5 Other Factors to Consider

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Adding a residential elevator can be a perfect solution, if accessibility in your home is a challenge. As the footprint of residential elevators has decreased over the years, more seniors, elders and homeowners that are handicap or have a physical disability are considering adding a home elevator as a viable option to make moving between levels in a home easier …

Accessible bathroom remodel with a barrier free no threshold euro shower being shown off by an older couple with 2 thumbs up

Accessible Bathroom Remodel – No Threshold Shower in Denver, CO

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Accessible Bathroom Remodel – No Threshold Shower in Denver, CO City: Denver State: CO, Colorado Project Type: Accessible Bathroom Remodel, No Threshold Shower This charming couple needed a bathroom that was easy to move around in, with no barriers, and one that they could show off a little. Why not, right? See more about the design process and how they …

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5 Unbelievable Home Accessibility Fails

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As we work with our clients we see many accessibility fails that were made by contractors or other companies that just don’t meet ADA requirements. Some of these installations and modifications are unfortunately unusable for the client and result in even more headache and inaccessibility than before they were installed. Working with an accessibility provider who understands both ADA requirements …

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Door Widening for Accessibility

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When most people think about making a home accessible, they think about ramps, stairlifts, ceiling lifts, and wheelchair lifts. However, one of the most significant barriers to accessibility in the house are the doorways themselves. The standard width sizes for interior doors range from 22 inches to 30 inches. The minimum recommended door width for those with disabilities, or assistive equipment …