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Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp in Dallas, Texas for Veteran

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Our team is always honored to be asked to do a home modification for a Veteran. Living with diabetes is hard. When the disease made amputating her husband’s foot necessary, a Dallas wife called our team and asked for help to get him a ramp. She needed an easy way to get him out of their home to go to appointments and to make every day living easier. Installing a metal wheelchair ramp in front of their Dallas, Texas was the best solution. Now he is able to come and go as he pleases and they both have peace of mind.

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Couple in Dallas, Texas Needs Curved Stairlift

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When a husband and wife from Dallas found themselves unable to get up the staircase of their home, they knew they needed a solution. Having experienced one fall and the extensive recovery time, this couple reached out to Accessible Systems for a free in-home accessibility consultation. A curved stairlift by Bruno was the answer and now that it’s installed they are able to go up and down stairs in their home without fear of another fall!

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Metal Ramp for Wheelchair is Perfect Solution for Amputee

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After an ATV accident two years ago, our client lost his right leg. Not being the type of guy to slow down, he asked neighbors to build him a ramp in the garage before he left the rehabilitation facility. The wheelchair ramp they built worked well for a while but a near tumble in his wheelchair off the side of the homemade ramp lead him to call the Dallas Accessible Systems team to see what the options were for a more formal solution. A quick rearrange of the garage and a modular metal ramp later, this Arlington, Texas client is ready to get back to doing the things he loves. As an added bonus, his teenage grandsons think his wheelchair ramp is a pretty cool tool to use to practice their skateboarding tricks.

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5 Unbelievable Home Accessibility Fails

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As we work with our clients we see many accessibility fails that were made by contractors or other companies that just don’t meet ADA requirements. Some of these installations and modifications are unfortunately unusable for the client and result in even more headache and inaccessibility than before they were installed. Working with an accessibility provider who understands both ADA requirements …

Accessible Systems Welcomes Dallas Based Rehab Outfitters

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Accessible Systems Welcomes Dallas Based Rehab Outfitters Dallas, Texas, July 9, 2019 Accessible Systems of Dallas has announced that they have merged with Rehab Outfitters. This new partnership allows Accessible Systems to expand its service offerings throughout Texas to stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, and wheelchair ramps, overhead ceiling lifts and lift and transfer systems. These systems help a homeowner move throughout …

Custom built handicap ramp Aurora CO

Wheelchair Ramp Dallas Texas

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Every caregiver and wheelchair user has unique challenges, but most of our clients desire a wheelchair-accessible home that allows freedom and independence. At Accessible Systems, our wheelchair ramps are designed around the preferences and needs of our customers in Dallas Texas. Whether you’re looking for a custom wood wheelchair ramp, modular ramp or a portable ramp, we can help! Our Dallas Texas …