A disabled girl is suspended in a SureHands sling attached to a ceiling lift track system as a technician demonstrates and the mom looks on

Phasing Into Home Modifications for a Disabled Child

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Phasing Into Home Modifications for a Disabled Child

City: Johnstown
State: CO, Colorado
Project Type: Ceiling Lift Track System

When caring for a child with a disability, families often find their needs changing over time. As the child grows up, moving him/her around the house becomes more challenging for the caregiver, which is often the parents. To make transfers within the home easier, the best course of action is taking on home modifications in phases. This is precisely what this Johnstown, Colorado family did.

Bathtub to Walk-in Bathtub Conversion

The family first converted their garden tub to a therapeutic walk-in tub a few years ago. Not only do the jets make for an ultra pleasant bathing experience, this conversion made it easier to transfer the disabled child from her wheelchair into the tub due to the swinging door of the walk-in tub. Before, the parents had to lift the child and step over the 14-16 inch threshold to step into the old tub. Over time, however, the transfers became a strain on the health of the child’s parents. Not to forget all the other frequent transfers from/to the child’s bed to her chair, to the toilet and other areas of the home.

Installation of a Ceiling Lift

To make life easier, the family then added a ceiling lift track system to help transfer their daughter effortlessly from her bedroom to the toilet and into her walk-in tub so that she can bathe or shower.

The ceiling lift track system also winds around to the toilet area. A ceiling-mounted lift works with a variety of slings: Standard, hygiene and amputee slings; the SureHands Body Support system; and walking harnesses. The type of sling required will be depend on a variety of factors, like the weight of the person being transferred, their medical condition, budget, and more. It’s best to consult with a certified home modification specialist and to visit a local ceiling lift showroom, if one is nearby.

Homeowners work with Accessible Systems to custom design the ceiling track system that will work best in their home and for their need. These tracks can move through doorways allowing the user to move seamlessly from room-to-room. They can consist of short tracks to get from one point to another within the same room. Additionally, they can be installed in tight spaces like bathrooms with the use of curved rails and a turntable.

In this home, and with the assistance of her caring family, this wonderful child can now transfer from her bed to her wheelchair. With a push of a few buttons, the SureHands ceiling lift’s motor can glide from track to track.  She can now safely move throughout her bathroom for a relaxing and therapeutic bathing experience!

SureHands Ceiling Lift Demonstration

In Accessible Systems of Northern Colorado’s ceiling lift showroom, the staff demonstrates how it works. Check it out!

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Can’t stress enough how much easier our lives have become with the home modifications. Our only regret is not doing it sooner!