Stair Lifts Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

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How much does a stairlift cost?Electra-Ride-Elite_Couple 2010 Bruno_Website_Accessible_Systems

There is no single answer to this question. Every installation is different. The price can be influenced by the configuration of stairs (curved or straight), location of doors at top or bottom, the location of handrails, the flow of cross traffic at the top or bottom, the nearest location of available power and weight capacity requirements. A brief conversation, even over the phone, can usually get us a close estimate. A site visit is generally required for a detailed quote. For more on the cost of your stairlift, see this free stair lift pricing guide.

Is it battery powered or electric?

The lift is battery powered although it plugs into a standard household 110v outlet to run the automatic trickle charger. The benefits of the battery powered system are twofold; first, it makes for a much simpler mechanism because we don’t need a power cord to follow the chair up and down and, second, in the event of a power outage your lift will still work because you have power in the batteries. The charging is totally automatic and requires no attention from the homeowner.

Where are the batteries?

The batteries are located in the carriage under the seat with the drive mechanism.
How much are the batteries?

The batteries are common and widely available. There are two. We sell them for $45 each although they can also be purchased from a battery specialty store like Batteries Plus. Typical battery life is 3-5 years.

What happens when the power goes out?

Your lift will still work because of the power in the batteries.

Does it attach to the wall or to the stairs?

The stairlift attaches to the stair treads. We do not touch the wall and there is no construction required during installation. There is a mounting bracket placed every second or third tread that is attached with small diameter lag screws.

What happens when I don’t need it anymore?

The stairlift can be easily removed. Straight stairlifts are easily transplantable to another location and can be resold or reconditioned.

Does insurance pay for a stairlift?

It is always best to check with your insurance company for the answer to this question, however, Medicare does not cover a stairlift and most insurance companies do now.  Also, your Medicare supplement does not pay for a stairlift and health insurance typically does not pay for a stairlift.  Health Insurance covers a hospital bed, a wheelchair, or a power wheelchair, but will not cover anything installed in your home.

Medicaid and Long Term Care Insurance can have a home modification benefit that provides for this type of equipment, but most insurance does not cover this type of equipment.

What does it do to the resale value of my home?

Typically nothing because a stairlift can be easily removed.

Where are stairlifts made?

The Bruno stairlift is 100% MADE IN THE USA, in Wisconsin, of components that are also MADE IN THE USA. Bruno Independent Living Aids is a family owned company and is America’s largest stairlift manufacturer.

What is the warranty?

Bruno provides a five-year drive train warranty, a two-year comprehensive parts warranty and Accessible Systems provides a one year labor warranty in addition to the factory warranty.

Who do I call if I need service?

You call us, Accessible Systems, Inc. We are here to provide any service that you may need both during and beyond the warranty period.  You should consider repair and service as well as the longevity of the installing stairlift provider.  Also, ask how many technicians are available for service.  Most companies only offer 1 technician and when they are busy or on vacation, that means no service.  We offer multiple technicians to provide a higher level of service.

Why should I buy a Bruno Stairlift?

Bruno is a family-owned company of over 300 employees located in Wisconsin. They are the largest stairlift manufacturer in the USA and have been under the same family ownership for over 30 years. Because Bruno lifts are manufactured in the USA they are regulated by the FDA as medical equipment and held to a higher standard than imported lifts, which are not. Bruno pioneered many features that are now common among stairlifts including rack and pinion drive and battery power. Because Bruno stairlifts are MADE IN THE USA there is no importer between the manufacturer and the dealer and therefore a shorter supply chain resulting in better and faster service for the end user. The importers of stairlifts that are assembled offshore add another layer of cost to the product.

Why should I buy a stairlift from Accessible Systems?

We are a family owned, locally owned independent business. We have over many employees to serve you. Our sales department, service techs, office and ShowHome staff are skilled at listening to your needs and recommending creative solutions that work best for your personal circumstances. Accessible Systems is the largest stairlift dealer in Colorado with five service techs and an extensive lift and part inventory. We are the largest because we have the most experience recommending, installing and servicing these lifts. We have tested and serviced each our competitor’s lifts over our fourteen years in business and have determined that Bruno stairlifts are the safest, the most reliable and the best value. Learn more about why Accessible Systems is the best choice for your stairlift.

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