Affordable Stair Lift in Utah

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A stair lift is a mechanical chair that will lift anyone with mobility challenges safely up and down stairs. At Accessible Systems of Utah, we customize stair lift solutions that will encourage independence and freedom for those that have a need!

Overcome stairs with a stair lift.

Stair Lift Utah Options

If you’re staircase is straight or curved, indoor or outdoor, you want to make sure to select the ideal stair lift option that fits your needs.

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Stair Lift Utah Projects

Click on the links below to see actual stairlift Utah home installations by Accessible Systems:

Elite Straight Stairway elevator salt lake city utah

Chair Lift to Basement with Room for Door at Top in Clinton, Utah

Stair Lift Fits Within 2 inches of the Wall

2 Straight vs 1 Curved Stair Lift – Which is Better?


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