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Stair Lift (Chair Glide)

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A stair lift provides a great way to eliminate your stairs. Straight and curved chair lifts provide accessibility to all levels of your home, inside and outside (exterior).

Electra-Ride-Elite_Couple 2010 Bruno_Website_Accessible_Systems Straight Stair Lift: Most staircases are straight, and offer the following features:

  • Slim Track –Fits Within 2 inches of Wall. Our straight stair lifts ride on a rail or track is only 2 inches wide. We offer the slimmest track This saves room and makes every staircase easy to use for the entire family.
  • Safe – Each stairlift has safety features to provide ease of use. Getting into the lift is easy, and the chair swivels at the top to prevent any problem.
  • Reliable – Stair Lifts are designed to work for years of operation without maintenance. They are very quiet, easy to operate and continue to operate even in an emergency.
  • Battery Powered – To insure reliable operation, each stairlift has two 12 volt electric batteries that will operate the lift for days without any power.
  • Installation – A trained stairlift technician can install your lift with a few hours, and fit the lift to your height, weight, and staircase environment. We can adjust for many different options to make a chairlift work for you.


Bruno_Curved_Stair_LiftCurved Stair Lift: About 30% of stairs have a landing in the middle or are curved staircases:

  • These chairlifts can be custom fitted to any staircase no matter what the configuration. They are available in a used or reconditioned models of stair lift and the stair lift prices are available when you call us. Find out the best lift for you from our Bruno lifts or our Acorn chairlift.
  • Curved Chair Lift(chairlift) are much less expensive than an elevator or moving and offer a complete solution from the bottom to the top of any stairs.





Electra-Ride-Elite_Outdoor_Swivel-Seat_Website_Accessible_SystemsExterior Stairlift: You can use a outdoor stair lift or chair lift on any straight staircase outside the home.  They are protected against the weather, rail and snow, and offer easy access to any level.  They also have a beautiful cover to keep the chair clean.

Commonly called a Chair Lift, Stairway Elevator, Chair Glide, Chairlift or Stair Glides, this type of lift has a chair that rides up and down on a track on the edge of the stairs. Because they don’t touch the wall, and install directly to the tread of the steps, they don’t require any remodeling to the home, and offer a simple installation while protecting your home.