September 2014 Newsletter

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The Big Question for Bathrooms: Shower or Tub?

Which do you use more? A Shower or a Tub? If you asked a crowd of homeowners 30 years ago, you would find that 50% of people used a tub. That has changed. In a recent 2104 survey by home website highlights 2 key trends:

  1. 90% of people use a shower daily vs. taking a hot, soaking bath
  1. 40% of people remodeling are leaving a bathtub out of the master bathroom

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This is a big shift in the planning and design for bathroom.  Universal Design (design for all ages and ability) and the Aging in Place movement are also changing how we plan and build bathrooms. According to Consumer Reports, an estimated 34 million Americans care for a parent, relative, or family friend over the age of 50. The number is expected to grow with the baby boomer generation, who is currently caring for their parents. Universal design is making a safer and a more beautiful bathroom that will work for years to come. In the article “Toss the Tub”, large spa-like showers are much more prevalent now then the huge soaking tubs that defined the 1980’s and 1990’s. All of this adds up to a dramatic shift away from tubs to walk­-in showers.

Does removing a tub affect my home value? The best answer is that if your home will be purchased by a family with children then at least one bathroom should have a tub. But many homeowners comment that they want to stay in their home long term, and resale to a family with young children is not likely. And with today’s home having 2­.4 bathrooms, it is easy to keep a tub in the house without sacrificing the space in the master bathroom.

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walk in tub with out swing door

Still want to enjoy a nice, relaxing soak in the tub? Maybe a walk-in hydrotherapy tub is the solution you’ve been looking for!