Inclined Platform Lift – Access Without Transfers

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inclined platform lift to move through the home without limits and provide the ability to do this safely without having to transfer out of their chair.

The lift mounts alongside the stairs, and the platform carries both chair and passenger up and down the staircase by traveling along a rail system. This provides access to all areas of the home without requiring costly renovations or the addition of a machine room to your home. A folding platform allows the lift to store out of the way when not in use. Charging stations at the top and bottom ensure the lift is always ready to go and a battery ensures the lift operates through a power failure. For added safety, an obstruction sensor system on the platform helps monitor for pets, kids, toys and other obstructions on the stairs while the lift is in use.

The inclined platform lift can be installed on both straight and curved staircases, indoors and outside making it a solution that is both powerful and practical for your home. Multiple platform sizes are available to accommodate larger power chairs aninclined platform lift denver, utah, northern colorado, colorado springs, dallasd additional riders. Whether your home has multiple levels of straight stairs, stairs with intermediate landings, or stairs with turns, a custom inclined wheelchair lift can be created to help you move through your home with ease and security.

Learn more about your inclined platform lift options today by scheduling a free, in-home evaluation with our Colorado Springs inclined platform lift specialists by calling (719) 387-0675. The options and features available on these lifts bring peace of mind and inclined platform lift denver, utah, northern colorado, colorado springs, dallasaccessibility while offering an affordable solution.