Could a Shower Buddy be the Alternative You’re Looking For?

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If moving your loved one in and out of the shower in your home has become difficult, or you are longing to restore your independence by being able to bathe yourself in privacy and comfort the ShowerBuddy may be the solution you and your family have been looking for. Avoid the loss of your bathroom during construction, the expense of a full remodel and gain safety and security with one of the six ShowerBuddy and TubBuddy models.

When the designers of the chair began to consider the features that those with mobility challenges needed in order to use the shower or tub safely they quickly realized that a simple, function and beautiful solution was the answer. Users are able to transfer from their bed to the toilet to shower and back to the bed with one procedure. The risk of a fall or a transfer injury is significantly reduced for both those with mobility challenges and their caregivers.showerbuddy lady |

Your existing bathroom quickly transforms from a room full of barriers to an accessible bathroom with the use and installation of a ShowerBuddy or TubBuddy system. In most cases, the system installs in less than an hour and offers you a portable solution that can move with you from home to home. The chairs are designed to fit in most standard bathrooms. However, the company may be able to custom assemble a chair to your specific dimensions.

tubbuddy |The ShowerBuddy and TubBuddy product line offers the ability for disabled people of all ages to use their existing bathroom in comfort and privacy. Pediatric options are available and can help adult caregivers safely transport their children to and from the bed to the toilet or the shower. There are solo use systems available for those who can transfer on their own and wish to use their existing bathroom without assistance from caregivers or spouses. Bariatric chairs can support weights up to 375 pounds with an available seat width of 22″ or 26″.

Tilt and reclining backs make using the product alone or with your loved one safer and more comfortable. With multiple configurations of the product available, finding the right solution for you begins with an in-home consultation with a member of our team. After talking about your goals and assessing your current bathroom configuration, our team can make recommendations for you about which model may be the best solution for you.

Learn more about the ShowerBuddy product line on our website and call (719) 387-0675 to have our Colorado Springs team set up a free consultation in your home. Get your freedom and privacy back with a TubBuddy!