modular wheelchair ramp northern colorado

Rental Wheelchair Ramp for Short Term Use

Nathan Colburn Projects, Wheelchair Ramps

Rental Wheelchair Ramp for Short Term Use

City: Loveland
State: CO, Colorado
Project Type: Modular Ramp Systems

This modular ramp was a rental and was installed in 5 hours and overcomes 6 steps from the front door down to the driveway. Because the level platforms are used to turn as you go up and down, this ramp is safer than a long straight ramp. Each platform is a good resting point and the handrails are continuous from begininng to end of the ramp. This was much more affordable as a rental than as a purchase.

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Take a look at this ramp! The homeowner’s are renting our modular ramp for a couple of weeks, just so they can accommodate a friend who is quadriplegic, isn’t that awesome?