How do I start?

A Wheelchair Ramp is the key to your mobility and to entering your home or business. We provide all options for wheelchair ramps. You can choose the look and feel of your wheelchair ramp by clicking below.  We provide all kinds of residential wheelchair ramps and commercial wheelchair ramps.  This includes constructed ramps of wood or concrete and aluminum ramps that are portable, semi permanent, or permanent.  

Whether you choose a metal modular ramp, custom wood or concrete ramp or a portable ramp, the team at Accessible Systems can help you find the right solution.  You will also find information on lift chair (recliners), scooters, manual wheelchairs, and recreational power mobility devices.

How many steps are in your way? What is the total vertical height in inches?  Knowing how many steps you need to overcome is crucial when it comes to determining the length of your wheelchair ramp.

The American Disabilities Act recommends 1 foot of ramp for every inch in height.  That means that for every step (7-8 inches), you will want 7-8 feet of ramp for a safe ramp.  You can exceed this recommendation if a steeper ramp is safe for you.  It may seem strange, but if you are a strong walker or manual wheelchair user you actually need a flatter ramp.  If you have a scooter or power wheelchair, it has safety features like a powerful motor and automatic brakes that allow you to use a steeper ramp.  Be careful, and remember, a ramp has to be safe everyday, and one mistake can make things difficult.

We provide a free home evaluation to understand your needs and recommend the ramp for you. With over 15 years of experience, our knowledge of the ramp options below will help you make the right choice. Below is detailed information, videos, pictures and projects that will help you make the best decision on your wheelchair ramp.  You may want to learn about the wheelchair lifts as an option to wheelchair ramps.