Questions to ask BEFORE you hire a Medicaid Home Modification contractor

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Are you a licensed and Medicaid Home Modification Contractor?medicaid contractor

* Medicaid requires a strict list of application requirements including insurance, experience, background checks and more.  Companies who use only sub-contractors are not recommended.


What type of contractor’s license do you have? (A, B, or C)

* Most Contracts have a Class C License for residential remodeling.  Class-C contractors are unable to work in multi-tenant buildings or on commercial properties. Because of how apartment or condo building are built, they are classified as commercial building.  Class A and B Contractors are typically Commercial Contractors.  


Are you registered with the BBB? What is your rating, and how have any complaints been handled?

* A reputable company will be registered with the BBB and will have addressed any complaints against them.


How many jobs similar to mine have you completed in the past year?

* Choose a company with plenty of experience doing projects similar to yours.


Is your work/craftsmanship guaranteed? For how long?

* Medicaid Home Modification Contractors are required to warranty their work for 1 year.  Non-reputable companies will not guarantee their work or provide a short term warranty.   Once the job is done, they are not obligated to continue serving the customer or address any outstanding issues.


Do you have a service department?

* Some companies will install equipment, but will not perform repairs when it breaks down.


May I contact some of your previous customers to learn about their experience with your company?

* Read reviews, contact previous customers, and get informed about whichever company you plan to work with on your home modifications. Ask for technician bios!


What is the installation timeline for a project like mine, after you receive the approval (PAR) from Medicaid?

* Know what to expect (and when to expect it!) before you sign on the bottom line.


Do you have a showroom that I can visit to see some of your work?

*Beware of contractors who operate out of their mother’s basements- make sure they can do the quality of work you desire!