Wheelchair Lift Helps Frisco, Texas Teen Navigate New Home

When your family moves to a new place, most teenagers are worried about making new friends at school. For this teenage girl and her family, the move to their new home in Frisco, TX meant needing to install a wheelchair lift so she could access her bedroom and the kitchen. Creating an access point in the family garage makes getting to and from the van to go to school and other activities easy. Roll out access to the kitchen and living room helps make the home accessible and entertaining new Texas friends fun.

City: Frisco
State: TX

Wheelchair Lift for Plano, TX Veteran

The entire Dallas Accessible Systems team was honored to install this beautiful wheelchair lift for a Veteran at his home in Plano, Texas. These lifts are ideal for tight garage spaces where a ramp is not a good option. They also offer a good alternative when the front of your home or the back of your home is not easily accessible to install a ramp system. The vertical platform lift allows this Veteran to get out and spend time with his family at Lewisville Lake and attend local church services.

City: Plano
State: TX

Home Builders Foundation Custom Vertical Platform Lift Denver, CO

Accessible Systems gives back with the Home Builders Foundation of Metro Denver. In 2011, a vertical platform lift was installed for a young man named Brian. Brian suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of a motocross accident. Brian’s mom was unable to get Brian in and out of the home without the lift.


City: Denver
State: CO

Wheelchair Lift in a Elevator Shaft in Arvada, CO

This 10 foot tall Wheelchair Lift operates like a Home Elevator because it is inside an Elevator Shaft.  This home in Arvada, CO has 3 barriers from the garage to the main level on the 2nd floor where the bedroom is located.  There are stairs in the garage to a door, and then there is a single step in the living room up to a full 12 stairs to the  2nd floor.  Also, in this example the user needed to use a wheelchair and could not walk up a single step or get on a stairlift.  For a lower price, this wheelchair lift travels from the garage level where he is protected from the weather, up through the floor of the bedroom.

City: Arvada
State: CO

Wheelchair Lift to a Porch Colorado Springs CO

Vertical Platform Lift installed in backyard. This will help the customer access their deck in a safe manner.

City: Colorado Springs
State: CO

Vertical Platform Lift Aurora

We installed a vertical platform lift on the outside of the customers home. This provides a safe way for you to access your home or deck! The concrete driveway is a great place to install this vertical platform lift.  There was a thunder storm right after we installed this lift.  Good thing this lift is designed for the Colorado Weather.  It was used in temperatures down to 20 below zero F, and over 100 degrees F.

This mobile home is a good use of this wheelchair lift because a ramp would be over 40 feet long to go up these 5 steps.  The custom deck was built at the level of the door, and the storm door was able to remain.  Now when you enter the lift, you go up to the level of of the porch, and the gate automatically unlocks, so that they can enter the home.  The durable handrail makes everything safe and the straight thru design make it simple to enter the lift and go straight into the modular home.

City: Aurora
State: CO

Vertical Platform Lift inside a garage Fort Lupton, CO

We installed a Vertical Platform Lift in the clients garage and re-built the steps leading into the home.

City: Fort Lupton
State: CO

Tall Vertical Platform Lift in Windsor, CO

Here, we designed this tall vertical platform lift in Windsor, CO to be a straight thru configuration.  This is the easiest configuration for the user because you don’t have to make any turns as you enter the lift, go up, exit the lift, and enter the house.  Everything is a straight shot for a walker or a manual wheelchair or a power wheelchair.  In this case, we built a safe, custom platform with the existing steps up the door going down to the right of the lift.  These tall lifts can go up to 14 feet in height and operate very quietly.  This lift is about 65 inches in height.

City: Windsor
State: CO

Wheelchair Lift and Custom Entrance in Windsor, CO

This wheelchair lift was installed for 4 steps in a garage and designed so that the tower of the lift fit up against the wall.  This plugs into a standard household outlet and will lift up to 750 pounds.  This lift was designed for a power wheelchair which was 300 pounds, and the adult user.  We reused the garage steps to save money and added a strong handrail for safety.  Inside the garage, the weather is not a factor, even though this lift is build for exterior use and sub zero temperatures.

City: Windsor
State: CO

Vertical Platform Lift in Garage in Loveland, CO

This vertical platform lift was installed in a garage to go up the 3 steps.  A Ramp would have taken over 24 feet and more including platforms.  This lift has a custom platform with a safety gate that locks when the lift is not in the up position securing the platform.  Steps are on the back of the platform and a removable section of the plywood allows for storage underneath the platform.

City: Loveland
State: CO

Wheelchair Lift in Garage in Salt Lake City, UT

This wheelchair lift was up 2 steps, and saved 16 feet of ramp.  This lift is used by 2 people in the house.  The platform was custom built to allow for the lift to use it and it still has 2 steps up to the door, so that everyone else can use the steps.

City: Salt Lake City
State: Utah

Wheelchair Lift layton, utah in Garage Next to Door

This Wheelchair Lift in Layton, Utah was installed directly to the doorway to the house.  We removed the stairs and didn’t put in the normal wooden platform.  With this lift, there was still room to park 2 cars, and the door automatically locks with the lift is not at the top level for safety.

City: Layton
State: Utah

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