Irving, Texas Ceiling Lift Helps Husband Care for His Wife

This couple from Irving took their vows more than 40 years ago, they really meant them. When his wife was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, our client knew he was in for many big changes as her abilities and mobility decreased. Both of them are determined to stay in the Irving, Texas home they purchased 15 years ago when he retired. Helping this sweet couple find the solution they needed to get her in and out of bed and the bathroom without breaking his back meant installing a Surehands ceiling lift system in their home. At the request of his wife, our Dallas Accessible Systems Team extended the track into the living room so that they could eat dinner together and watch Westerns on Saturday afternoon.

City: Irving
State: TX

Utah Family Finds Transfer Help from a Sure Hands Lift

This family and caregiver have had the challenge of transferring their son from bed to bathroom. We were able to provide a Sure Hands ceiling lift to make transferring easy and safe for everyone. Now when it’s time to get ready for the day, no one is worried about hurting themselves or causing injury to their son.

City: Salt Lake City
State: UT

Ceiling Lift Helps Nurse’s Wife

When your wife is in a wheelchair and you are a busy nurse, caring for your back (and your loved one!) whilst maintaining a safe environment in your home is enhanced with a SureHands® Ceiling Lift System. That is what this couple found out after using floor mobile lifts for years. This lift went from a vaulted ceiling in the bedroom to the bathroom toilet. This also allows for transfers to the wheelchair or shower chair as needed. As you can see, we weight test each lift before we leave on installation day. Three hundred pounds are moved along the rail to ensure the lift is safe for your transfers in daily use. We employ a full service team to support you after your lift is up and running. SureHands® Ceiling Lift System recommends an annual inspection to stay on top of battery replacement and any other checks that need done.

City: Colorado Springs
State: CO

Sensory Swings for Autism

Sensory swings are frequently used in treatment and therapy for autistic children. There are a number of different swing styles, like “soft taco,” “hammock,” nest swings, lycra fabric and solid platform. Children with sensory issues can use swings for proprioception, balance and input/processing stimulation. Our sensory swing installations are secure, durable and life-changing for both children and their caregivers.

City: Denver
State: CO

Ceiling Lift Helps Family in Denver

Ceiling lifts are motorized devices that allow you to easily access any portion of your home with the push of a button. In Denver, we can mount your ceiling lift via track, or use a self-standing lift. Ceiling lift tracks can go through doorways to various rooms, and can be customized to any ceiling height. Because they are located overhead, the need for floor space is unnecessary, which reduces the chance of injury for family members, children or caregivers. Our ceiling lifts allow you to travel within your home anywhere your track is located, from kitchen to bathroom to bedroom.  
Our Denver ceiling lifts can create a more effective approach to caregiving, and it is important to note that lifts reduce injury incidents during the transfer process. Ceiling lifts have helped many in Denver, Colorado with aging family members, or family members with mobility concerns. As well, ceiling lifts help to minimize or delay the need for expensive nursing care or assisted living facilities.

City: Denver
State: CO

Mother in Denver Reviews her Roll in Shower and Ceiling Patient Lift

When taking care of a child or even an adult transfers can be a challenge, getting in and out of bed, as well as in and out of a bathtub or shower. We had the privilege to work with this exceptional family to make their home work for them. We replaced their bathtub with a Euro Style Shower, and added a lift system above the bed that continues into the shower area.

City: Monument
State: CO

Suspended Ceiling Lift goes from bedroom to bathroom in Lakewood, CO

This independent ceiling lift system is suspended in the bedroom and installed directly to the ceiling in the bathroom.  This client wanted a seamless lift that she could drive herself from the bed to powerchair, to bathroom, and go to a chair at the sink, and to the seat or shower chair in the shower.  Because the ceiling height was taller in the bedroom, we custom made steel support and installed wood backing hidden in the ceiling.  This allows for a clean installation without additional strut on the face of the ceiling.  The symptoms of MS were progressing and this lift was able to to adjust as she needed more support.  Caregivers could also run the lift and this allowed 1 caregiver to help with the daily activities instead of 2 or 3 caregivers.

City: Lakewood
State: CO

Lift and Transfer: Wall Lift and Ceiling Lift in Laramie, WY

This wall lift helps to move from wheelchair to walk in tub in the bathroom.  This saves alot of space and is a good way to reach anything within a semi circle.  In the  same home, we installed a ceiling lift with a independent motor.   That means that the user can get into the lift and drive along the ceiling rail, all while operating the lift BY Yourself.

City: Laramie
State: WY

Ceiling Lift Systems in Salt Lake City Saves Back Breaking Work for a Little Girl and her Family.

This ceiling lift is designed and installed to transfer from bed to chair and back again in a home near Salt Lake City, Utah.  The ceiling track or rail was installed in the ceiling without damaging the ceiling.  It can hold 400 lbs and glides over the bed.  Because the ceiling lift does the work of lifting and positioning, the family can provide care without injury or additional care givers.

City: Riverton
State: Utah

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