Ft. Worth, Texas Family Gets Curved Stairlift

A Ft. Worth, Texas family was faced with a tough decision this winter when it became necessary to move an aging relative into their home. A two-story staircase was a major concern. With a little late night Googling, the family found our Dallas, Texas team and invited us to come to their home for a free evaluation. After talking extensively with the family and working to understand their loved one’s abilities, our team measured for a custom curve stairlift. Within a few weeks, the lift arrived and our team had it installed within one day. A few days after our install, the homeowner’s great aunt moved in and was amazed by the new stairlift. She uses the curved stairlift several times a day and is loving the freedom and security that it provides.

A curved stairlift is designed to fit within the existing staircase and landing so that pets and other occupants of the home can easily get by.


City: Ft. Worth
State: Texas

Couple in Dallas, Texas Needs Curved Stairlift

When a husband and wife from Dallas found themselves unable to get up the staircase of their home, they knew they needed a solution. Having experienced one fall and the extensive recovery time, this couple reached out to Accessible Systems for a free in-home accessibility consultation. A curved stairlift by Bruno was the answer and now that it’s installed they are able to go up and down stairs in their home without fear of another fall!

City: Dallas
State: Texas

Curved Stairlift Helps Couple Stay in Dallas, Texas Dream Home

When they bought their dream home in Dallas, TX 15 years ago, our clients weren’t thinking about the fact that their stairs may pose a problem as they aged. Now that mobility is a challenge for them both, this custom curved stairlift was the solution to let them stay in the home they love. These stairs lead to the basement which is home to the big screen TV and their extensive collection of Dallas Cowboys and Texas memorabilia. The power folding footrest on this stair chair allows them to tuck it out of the way of the stairs so when friends and family come to watch the games there is plenty of room to navigate the stairs with trays of homemade pizza and chips and salsa.


City: Dallas
State: Texas

Stunning Stairlift- Cherry Creek, CO

This dramatic Bruno Elite custom stairlift consists of a gentle constant radius arc with two “special bends” and elevation changes at the landings. This lift was installed on the outside of the staircase to leave the handrail side free for foot traffic. Existing power was already available at the bottom of the stairs and the client chose a traditional manual swivel exit onto the landing at the top of the stairs. From order to install was only twenty-seven days for this custom Bruno Elite curved stairlift installed in Cherry Creek.

City: Cherry Creek
State: Colorado

Bruno Custom Curve Stairlift – Lake City, Colorado

This custom curved Bruno Elite Stairlift installed in Lake City, Colorado with the power seat swivel option is a fairly typical 180 with an additional 180 degree park position into a closet at the bottom for storage. Rail projection onto the landing at the bottom of the stairs was not possible due to cross traffic from both sides and bathroom access directly across from the bottom stair tread. The solution was to use the under stair closet to park the chair and thereby minimizing the rail presence on the tiled landing at the bottom. If you look closely you can see that the foot on the tile is not drilled at the homeowner’s request to keep anchor points limited to the carpeted areas. While this may not be possible with a fully four hundred pound passenger for passengers of average weight this can limit the impact of the installation on areas of the house that might be harder to repair at time of removal.

City: Lake City,
State: CO

Curved Indoor/Outdoor Stairlift and Euro Style Bathroom Conifer, CO

Accessible Systems was introduced to Henry about 3 years ago. We have now completed several products which have allowed Henry to stay in his home.

Henry is a retired Texas oil man who retired to a log cabin in Conifer. Henry also has a progressive disease that limits his mobility. Henry’s cabin is down the hill from the road and as his condition progressed he was unable to walk the stairs to access transportation to medical appointments and for other outings. The stairs had a number of elevation changes and curves which required a custom stairlift. We were referred to Henry by a competitor that he had already done business with because they couldn’t provide a solution for him. Working directly with Bruno’s engineering department we were able to create a custom outdoor stairlift that could travel the 60ft from Henry’s garage down to his cabin. This custom curved stairlift has allowed Henry to stay in the home of his dreams that he worked all of his life to retire to.

Henry also had his bathroom modified. We installed new tile, roll in shower pan, and various grab bars.

We have completed several projects for Henry:

Indoor Custom Curve Stairlift

Outdoor Custom Curve Stairlift

Euro Style Bathroom

Grab Bars


*Names have been changed for privacy

City: Conifer
State: Colorado

Custom Curved Stair Lift in Arvada, CO

This curved stair lift in Arvada, Colorado was custom made to fit this curved stair case.  This custom lift is made to go on various types of flooring, this stairlift was installed on hardwood floors, and travels across 3 levels of the home.

This curved stairlift accents the home as there is no visible gears of mechanical elements, and the rail looks like a perfect piece of custom trim all the way up the stairs.

We provide a free home evaluation to provide an estimate and full list of prices and costs.  This lift saved thousands of dollars over the alternative of selling the home or assisted living facilities.

City: Arvada
State: Colorado

Custom Curved Stairlift or Chair Lift, Highlands Ranch, CO

Here is a great picture of Elizabeth in Highland Ranch, CO as she rides her custom curved chair lift from the park position at the bottom of the stairs to the custom bend and a second curve at the stairs wind up to the second floor bedroom.  This lift matched the corners of the wall, and goes from top to bottom in less than 40 seconds.  The chair of the chair lift swivels at the top and creates a safe exit position.  This is the only time that the chair blocks the stairs, and provides extra protection as you stand up.  Then the seat swivels back and folds up tight against the wall.

City: Highlands Ranch
State: CO

Curved Stairlift Longmont, CO

Stairlifts can be designed to fit your needs.  Here we installed a curved stairlift that was made just for this home.  It travels down the custom curved rail to a 180 degree turn at the landing and then down the stairs to the bottom where there is a 90 degree curved park position.  With the park position, the chair is never parked on the stairs.  The rail only takes 8 inches from the wall, and the chair remains level all the way up and down the stairs.

City: Longmont
State: CO

Curved Stairlift Buffalo, WY

We installed a curved stairlift in a church so that the patrons could still enjoy their Sunday service.

City: Buffalo
State: WY

Curved Stairlift Golden

Curved Stairlift Golden

The stairs in this home in Golden, CO are a large radius curved staircase.  That means that every stair curves and the stair lift rail has to be curved along every inch.  This does take extra work, but the end result perfectly matches the wall and looks like a piece of custom trim along the stairs.

The lift will ride just a smooth in this configuration, but the lift does take a few week longer to create due to the custom nature of this curved stairlift.

City: Golden
State: CO

Curved Stairway Elevator on Complex Stairs Loveland, CO

This curved stairway elevator was installed from the main floor up to the 2nd floor.  All the bedrooms and bathroom in the home were upstairs and these stairs were 16 steps tall.  This configuration is an outside double 90 degree curve so that the lift started on the right hand side looking up.  This was the easiest way to enter the lift and allowed the exit position at the top to be on the right hand side looking up.   The large park position at the top extended along the chair rail to allow for the best wheelchair transfer.  The height of the chair was adjusted to exactly the same as the wheelchair.

City: Loveland
State: CO

Curved Stair Lift in Denver, CO

This curved stair lift in Denver was custom made to fit this curved stair case.  Each step slowly curves and this is called a large radius, because the radius of the stair curve takes 14 steps to complete a 180 degree turn.  Because we have completed hundred’s of these lifts, this curved chair lift was measured within 1/10 of an inch with a photo measurement system.  The installation took about 6 hours and the lift fits within 8 inches of the wall including the 2 inch width of the custom curved rail.

This curved stairlift accents the home as there is no visible gears of mechanical elements, and the rail look like a perfect piece of custom trim all the way up the stairs.

We provide a free home evaluation to provide an estimate and full list of prices and costs.  This lift saved thousands of dollars over the alternative of selling the home or assisted living facilities.

City: Littleton
State: Colorado

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