Wheelchair Ramp in Dallas, Texas Needed for Dad

Family is important. For one daughter in Dallas, Texas, getting her dad to move in with her was a must after his recent knee and hip replacement. Knowing that her dad had a long recovery ahead, she called our team and inquired about a wheelchair ramp. The same day, our Dallas, Texas team came to her home and took measurements for the ramp. Before her dad even went to the rehab facility, their new wheelchair ramp was installed and ready for him to come home. It was truly a pleasure to work with this wonderful family and to help both father and daughter worry less during the recovery process.

City: Dallas
State: Texas


Accessible Systems has just finished installing a ramp system, and I am very satisfied with how it turned out. With all the obstacles they had to work around, they were very understanding and worked with us to make sure our needs were accommodated.

Project Type: Metal Modular Ramp

Project Details

Thinking about getting a wheelchair ramp in Dallas, Texas? Let our Dallas team help you choose the right ramp type for you. We offer modular ramps in Texas that can be set up quickly and configured to meet most needs. These ramps are virtually maintenance free and last for years.

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