Wheelchair Lift in a Elevator Shaft in Arvada, CO

This 10 foot tall Wheelchair Lift operates like a Home Elevator because it is inside an Elevator Shaft.  This home in Arvada, CO has 3 barriers from the garage to the main level on the 2nd floor where the bedroom is located.  There are stairs in the garage to a door, and then there is a single step in the living room up to a full 12 stairs to the  2nd floor.  Also, in this example the user needed to use a wheelchair and could not walk up a single step or get on a stairlift.  For a lower price, this wheelchair lift travels from the garage level where he is protected from the weather, up through the floor of the bedroom.

City: Arvada
State: CO


Project Type: 10 Foot Battery Powered Vertical Platform Lift or Wheelchair Lift

Project Details

The home owners was at Western Hills Rehab in Lakewood, CO and was referred to us by their staff because standard solutions like a stair lift would not work.  This wheelchair lift  and shaft was custom designed with a door that is fire rated per building code.  The lift is a battery powered Bruno Vertical Platform Lift and was installed with a 42 inch half wall up in the bedroom.  This small wall and gate protect the opening and pr0vide a tasteful entrance to the lift. We also widened 2 doors, installed 2 superPoles on a vaulted ceiling near the bed and in the bathroom, and installed a handheld shower.  We also raised the bed to the exact height of the wheelchair to make transfers easy.

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