Vertical Platform Lift Aurora

We installed a vertical platform lift on the outside of the customers home. This provides a safe way for you to access your home or deck! The concrete driveway is a great place to install this vertical platform lift.  There was a thunder storm right after we installed this lift.  Good thing this lift is designed for the Colorado Weather.  It was used in temperatures down to 20 below zero F, and over 100 degrees F. This mobile home is a good use of this wheelchair lift because a ramp would be over 40 feet long to go up these 5 steps.  The custom deck was built at the level of the door, and the storm door was able to remain.  Now when you enter the lift, you go up to the level of of the porch, and the gate automatically unlocks, so that they can enter the home.  The durable handrail makes everything safe and the straight thru design make it simple to enter the lift and go straight into the modular home.

City: Aurora
State: CO


"They came they saw they delivered. They were great from start to finish!" Jadwiga H. Aurora, CO

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