Suspended Ceiling Lift goes from bedroom to bathroom in Lakewood, CO

This independent ceiling lift system is suspended in the bedroom and installed directly to the ceiling in the bathroom.  This client wanted a seamless lift that she could drive herself from the bed to powerchair, to bathroom, and go to a chair at the sink, and to the seat or shower chair in the shower.  Because the ceiling height was taller in the bedroom, we custom made steel support and installed wood backing hidden in the ceiling.  This allows for a clean installation without additional strut on the face of the ceiling.  The symptoms of MS were progressing and this lift was able to to adjust as she needed more support.  Caregivers could also run the lift and this allowed 1 caregiver to help with the daily activities instead of 2 or 3 caregivers.

City: Lakewood
State: CO


All the people at Accessible Systems were very helpful and prompt! work was completed in a timely and professional manor. I would recommend them in the future,thank you.

Project Type: Independent Ceiling Lift and Transfer System

Project Details

This suspended ceiling lift had the charger next to the bed at the end of the lift. This way you can transfer yourself to the bed at night, and use the infrared remote control to move the lift to the end of the rail. At the end of the rail, the lift automatically connects to the charger, so that the lift will charge as you sleep. This lift uses

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