Metal Ramp in Pueblo, Colorado for Veteran

Our team is always honored to be asked to do a home modification for a Veteran. After being diagnosed with MS last year, this Pueblo veteran needed an easy way to get out of his home to go to appointments and to make every day living easier. As his mobility needs change, allowing for a walker or wheelchair to be used becomes more important. Installing a metal wheelchair ramp in his Pueblo garage was the best solution. Now he is able to come and go as he pleases and doesn't have to worry about falling or relying on a caregiver to help him.

City: Pueblo
State: Colorado


Very nice people and am very pleased with the outcome. Will use them again.

Project Type: Metal Modular Ramp

Project Details

Thinking about getting a wheelchair ramp in Pueblo, Colorado? Let our Colorado Springs team help you choose the right ramp type for you. We offer modular ramps in Pueblo that can be set up quickly and configured to meet most needs. These ramps are virtually maintenance free and last for years.

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