Irving, Texas Ceiling Lift Helps Husband Care for His Wife

This couple from Irving took their vows more than 40 years ago, they really meant them. When his wife was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, our client knew he was in for many big changes as her abilities and mobility decreased. Both of them are determined to stay in the Irving, Texas home they purchased 15 years ago when he retired. Helping this sweet couple find the solution they needed to get her in and out of bed and the bathroom without breaking his back meant installing a Surehands ceiling lift system in their home. At the request of his wife, our Dallas Accessible Systems Team extended the track into the living room so that they could eat dinner together and watch Westerns on Saturday afternoon.

City: Irving
State: TX


Project Type: Surehands Ceiling Lift

Project Details

One of the things our clients wanted was an option that was useful as her Parkinson's disease progressed. This ceiling lift will allow the customer, his wife or any future caregivers to move throughout their Irving, TX home with ease. The Surehands lift is designed to be used alone or by a caregiver.

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