Euro Style Barrier Free Shower Conversion in Centennial, CO

This Euro Style Shower conversion in Aurora, CO was a request to make the bathroom handicap accessible.  After a fall in the home, the client was in a rehab center and needed to make the bathroom open and usable for a rolling shower chair.  We removed the tub and installed a onyx marblecast shower bast designed to fit the size of the tub with the drain in the middle.  This allows the shower to be the lowest spot in the room and the base is a flat as possible while still draining correctly.  The corner shelf are a good way to get storage without causing a barrier or obstacle.  By tiling the floor and widening the door, we integrated this shower into the bathroom and made the usable space much bigger.

City: Centennial
State: CO


Good product and design, we enjoyed the quality of the installation, and it is still working great 5 years later. It is beautiful, professional, and on time so we could bring my wife home.

Project Type: Euro Style Shower

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